Energy efficiency means minimizing the amount of consumed energy without decreasing the volume and quality of production and without preventing economic development and social welfare. In broader terms, energy efficiency points to an aggregate of measures such as the prevention of energy losses in gas, vapor, heat, air and electricity; the recycling or utilization of various wastes; reducing energy demand without scaling down production by using high technology; as well as more productive resources of energy, advanced industrial processes and energy retrievals.


For Turkey, growth and possession of a strong economy bear vital importance. We need industrialization for growth; cheap, clean and ceaseless energy for industrialization; and finance, technology and human resources for energy. 


The activities run at home use gadgets that consume considerable amounts of energy. Families use sources of energy for running activities such as heating, illumination, cleaning, personal care, entertainment, relaxation, etc...


Due to the fact that today, energy resources, which day-by-day become scarce and more expensive negatively effect the economies of families when they run their activities at home, the sustainability of social resources is also getting limited. For this reason, an obligation has appeared for families to heed certain issues on making savings when they purchase and use such gadgets.